Do you have a store that I can visit

I dont have a store, I work from my studio and sell from my online store


If you are interested in licensing any of my images for commercial use please contact the author.


I am a small creative business with a few dedicated helpers who from time, to time help to compile the kits and package products. I do all the designing, stitching, packaging, shipping, website management etc, on my own as well as working on new book titles and commissions from time to time, Therefore it is not possible for me to provide wholesale products for sale.  All my products and patterns sell exclusively from my online store, with the exception of Inspirations Studios in Australia who license my patterns under special license.  If you are aware of any other outlets such as Etsy selling my patterns or products please notify me as they are selling illegally.  

Can I purchase books for sale in my shop?

Yes you can contact the distributor in your country who will arrange delivery.

Can I purchase bulk patterns for use in a workshop or class?

Yes you can get a 50% discount on any PDF digital pattern for a class or workshop.  You will need to purchase the number of patterns required for the number of students in a class. Please contact us to arrange the discount. 

 How do patterns for workshops work?

If you wish to teach a workshop on my behalf for your guild or a shop you will receive a 50% discount on the patterns needed for the number of students.  You can print out the patterns for each student and make up kits.  You are welcome to charge whatever you feel is fair for the cost of the workshop, I do not require any payment all I ask is that you acknowledge me as the source and purchase the required number of PDF patterns from my site.