The Art of Embroidery

I am a self taught embroidery artist from Cape Town, South Africa, who specializes in Needle painting and Whitework Embroidery. I have been designing patterns and artwork for more then two decades and hope to inspire others by sharing my work. Join me and let’s make the world a more beautiful place one stitch at a time!

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Information on materials and techniques for embroidery. Watch videos, view colour charts or get help with orders, payments and downloads.

What’s New This Month

Hello everyone Hope you are doing well? I have been stitching up a storm during our winter months and have some news to share with you. New Book I have been working on a new book for the last two years which was originally due to be released in November 2022. Unfortunately, the Publishers are… Continue reading What’s New This Month
October 03, 2022 — trishburr

Your Questions Answered

Hello everyone Hope alls well with you? This week we are going to address two reader’s questions: Question One Charli Wallace asked “How do you maintain good posture while stitching to avoid back or neck pain?” Answer Here are some helpful ideas to avoid neck and shoulder pain whilst stitching. Sit in a comfortable chair. … Continue reading Your Questions Answered
August 19, 2022 — trishburr

Shop Open

Hello everyone I hope you have had a wonderful summer holidays and are managing to keep cool. Here in Cape Town it is winter and chilly – bet you cant imagine that right now? The shop has re-opened and the following items are back in stock: Cosmo Special Thread Collection This is a limited edition,… Continue reading Shop Open
July 29, 2022 — trishburr