How to tea dye your white linen

To achieve off white or cream linen you can tea dye the premium linen available in the store.  

    You will need

    • Tea Bags (I use Ceylon or Black tea)
    • Kitchen pot/bowl
    • Linen fabric


    1.  Boil water in a kettle and add to pot/bowl

    2.  Add a ratio of one teabag to one cup of boiling water.

    3.  Steep the teabags till the colour of the water is quite strong.

    4.  Remove the bags and stir till completely dissolved.

    5.  Soak your fabric in warm water.  Ensure it is completely wet before adding to the tea solution as this will ensure even distribution of the dye.

    6.  Add the wet linen fabric to the solution and allow to soak.  Light shade 10 - 15 mins, med shade 15 - 20 mins, darker shade 20 -30 mins. 

    7.  Remove the fabric and allow to cool.  Rinse repeatedly in cold water till the water runs clear.

    8.  Hang to dry out of direct sunlight.

    9.  Iron with a hot iron.

    10.  Your fabric is now ready to use.   


    Please note that the colour of your fabric is dependent on human trial and error.  It also depends on the type of tea you use.   It is recommended that you try some sample swatches first to achieve the exact shade you want.