Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying your weekend?

This is not a subject I like to broach too often, but sadly, I get contacted every week, or more by well meaning customers who have seen my work for sale on other sites and are concerned that they are not legitimate. This means I have to contact the seller, or site claims department, and ask them to remove my patterns, it is not only time consuming but exasperating to have to do this again and again! (Precious time that could be spent stitching).

Here is an example: This week I heard from two different sources that this seller on ETSY was selling my designs:

I contacted the copyright claims department of ETSY to report them and received a reply that said in essence: ” We reviewed and rejected your report based on the information you provided. You can reach out to an attorney if you have additional concerns about this.” I had a similar situation with Amazon, who in contrast reacted very quickly and the relevant items were removed. (Thank you Amazon ).

Just to clarify, I do not sell my patterns on any other site but my own. The one exception is Inspirations Studios in Australia who license some of my patterns for sale. If you see my patterns, or embroidery patches, etc for sale on any other site, please do not purchase them as they are copies, not originals and they are infringing on my rights. There is very little I can do to prevent this from happening, but it might help if you only purchased patterns from embroidery designers that are known or recognized. Thank you for your honesty and support for small businesses.

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.

June 26, 2021 — trishburr
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