Taking A Break

Hello everyone Hope you are enjoying your weekend! I will be taking a short break with my family and to catch up on some stitching projects, so the shop will be closed till 6th August 2021. You will still have access to Pattern and Class downloads, but no items will be shipped over this period.… Continue reading Taking A Break
July 17, 2021 — trishburr
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Copyright Infringement

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying your weekend? This is not a subject I like to broach too often, but sadly, I get contacted every week, or more by well meaning customers who have seen my work for sale on other sites and are concerned that they are not legitimate. This means I have to… Continue reading Copyright Infringement
June 26, 2021 — trishburr
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The Sewing Machine Project

Hello everyone. Every now and then something happens in the world that makes my heart sing and this week I want to share this wonderful “feel good” story with you. Here is the story in brief, you can read more about it on The Sewing Machine Project website. Margaret Jankowski of Monona, Wisconsin, had learned… Continue reading The Sewing Machine Project
June 22, 2021 — trishburr
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Hello everyone Happy Monday morning to you! Distance learning classes are once again open for registration – you can find more information here. For those of you who are not familiar with my classes here is some information. THE ART OF SHADING WITH TRISH BURR Have you ever wanted to learn the art of shading… Continue reading Classes
June 14, 2021 — trishburr
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Summer projects

Hello everyone Happy Monday morning to you, hope you are doing well? We are approaching winter here in Cape Town, but I know the rest of the world is welcoming in the summer. Summer is a time for getting outdoors, enjoying nature or possibly going on vacation, but if you are anything like me I… Continue reading Summer projects
May 23, 2021 — trishburr
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Cape Landscapes

Hello everyone, hope all is good with you? This week I am pleased to let you know that at long last the first two Cape Landscape kits are available in the shop. These fine art embroidery designs are the first of this kind in my collection. The difference between these designs and my other patterns… Continue reading Cape Landscapes
May 04, 2021 — trishburr
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Hello everyone, hope all’s going well with you? We are rapidly moving into winter here in the Western Cape, as you slowly move into Summer! Did you know that there is a DISCOVER & LEARN facility on my site, that includes help and resources for embroidery? This facility can be found in the main menu… Continue reading COLOUR CHARTS & CONVERSIONS
April 15, 2021 — trishburr
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Delphi The Dolphin

Hello everyone I hope this finds you well? This week I am pleased to announce the arrival of a new Whitework with colour embroidery pattern, Delphi The Dolphin, just in time for Easter. Delphi is stitched in gorgeous vibrant shades of teal, green, blue and white. The design includes all our favorites, raised and padded… Continue reading Delphi The Dolphin
March 31, 2021 — trishburr
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Cotton Embroidery Threads

Hello everyone Hope this finds you well? I am increasingly concerned as to the availability of different brands of embroidery floss – it is becoming more and more difficult to source, it seems that many of the online shops no longer stock them or in some cases have closed down, is this your experience? This… Continue reading Cotton Embroidery Threads
February 26, 2021 — trishburr
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Fiber Talk

Good morning everyone and a happy Monday to you all! Last week I had the pleasure of chatting to Gary Parr on Fiber Talk. If you would like to listen you can find it here. More information on Kew Gardens & Search Press. can be found in these previous Blog posts. On a side note… Continue reading Fiber Talk
February 14, 2021 — trishburr
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