Sometimes you will need a very fine thread for outlining sections or shapes in your embroidery project.  This will be suggested in the individual pattern instructions.

In some cases one strand of DMC cotton is suitable, but sometimes the pattern may calls for a finer thread - here are some suggestions:


A 50wt silk thread such as those used for machine embroidery can be used for outlining.  These can be purchased at any good online needlework store.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Superior Threads - Tire Silk #50
  • Machine embroidery thread such as Guterman or Madeira


Any polyester sewing thread such as Guterman, Coats, Madeira or Metler can be used - as long as it is colorfast with a good range of colors.      

Method:  cut a piece of sewing thread, pull it apart and divide into two strands.  Use one fine strand for outlining.


You will need to match the silk or polyester thread to the DMC colour stated in your embroidery instructions.  It needs to be close but does not need to be an exact match.

Guterman Thread Substitutes.

Guterman thread substitutes for Miniature Needle Painting Book.