Book Miniature Needle Painting Embroidery: Vintage Portraits, Florals & Birds

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Published 2015

Small, embroidered "paintings" can have all the detail, form, and beauty of a larger piece—except they're much quicker to stitch! These fresh and appealing designs all capture the pretty, romantic images typical of the Victorian and post-Victorian eras. All the projects—which include traditional portraits, birds, and flowers—have detailed thread diagrams, and easy-to-follow instructions teach the basic stitches.


Update on Gutermann Sewing Threads.

Gutermann sewing threads used for outlining miniature embroidery projects have been discontinued.  

Any good quality polyester/silk sewing thread such as Gutermann, DMC, Mettler, Coats & Clark etc can be used as replacements. They are used for outlining only and as long as you can split the sewing thread and it is colourfast, it will be fine. I have provided a DMC stranded cotton substitute list so that you can match up the thread colours.

697   (DMC 3371)
673   ( DMC 3021)
467   (DMC 3787)
851   (DMC 611)
241   (DMC 646)
694   (DMC 3031)
227   (DMC 300)
174   (DMC 3857)
432   (DMC 3011)
304   (DMC 934)