DMC Coton a Broder

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DMC Coton A Broder also known as Special Embroidery Thread is a 100% brilliant cotton thread consisting of 4 non-divisible strands. The thread produces a lovely smooth surface and high lustre and is especially suited to Whitework embroidery.  During the manufacturing process, the cotton is combed and mercerised to create its beautiful finish. The end result does not knot, kink or fluff and is soft and gentle to the touch. Made in France.


Broder is a specialist thread, available from specific distributors only.  Available in white size 30.

You will receive 

One skein of Cotton a Broder (23m) size 30 in white.


One strand of Broder is used for  padding, satin stitch and dot stitch in Whitework with colour embroidery.   Broder has replaced DMC Floche which is no longer available in Europe.  Pull out a length of thread from the skein and thread into the needle.