You will need:

1)  Acid free foam board – I use Elmer’s Acid Free foam boards which can be purchased on Amazon .  The boards are 3/16 inch thick which is a perfect thickness.


2)  Acid free double sided tape.  I use Yarn Tree’s Stitchery Tape which can be purchased from Amazon, but any good acid free tape will do.



  1.  Cut a piece of foam board slightly bigger then your embroidery.  I like to leave a good 3 inches all the way around to allow flexibility for size of frame and mount.   Ready Made Frames. (If using a ready made frame, cut the board to fit the frame).
  2. Center your embroidery & fabric on top of the board and place a few pins along the top edge to keep in place.
  3. Turn over and attach two pieces of double sided tape along the top and bottom edges.
  4. Pull the fabric over the tape and push down onto the adhesive to secure.  Remove the pins.
  5. Repeat on the other side.  You need to stretch & pull the fabric as you are doing this to ensure there are no creases on the front – it should be drum tight.
  6. Now attach another two pieces of double sided tape on either side and repeat the process.