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Hope all is good with you and you have enjoyed your summer holidays?

This week I am thrilled to be able to share with you that the long awaited embroidery kits are finally in stock! This is the first time that I have offered full kits for a project. This is in response to the many requests received – you asked and I listened! Whitework with colour embroidery is a simple way to transition onto Needlepainting embroidery as it helps you to familiarize yourself with long & short stitch which is required to stitch any of the PDF Needlepainting projects available.

All kits are hand packed with much care and attention and it takes many hours to put together a kit, so I am sure you will understand that as we can only pack them in batches, stocks may be limited.

Each kit includes:

  • Premium linen fabric which has been overlocked for your convenience,
  • A pack of transfers which includes iron on transfers plus an additional piece of scrap fabric & test transfer
  • One skein of each colour stranded cotton, plus Cotton a broder
  • A full pack of Bohin needles
  • A printed stitch guide
  • A printed instruction booklet with step by step photos
  • Beads where required

You will need:

  • An embroidery hoop or stretcher frame as instructed for each project

These are the three kits currently on offer:

Folk Art Flower – Entry Level

This is a starter or entry level kit which means you do not need to have any previous experience in embroidery. We will start with the basics and I will guide you through the order of work step by step. In this project you will learn five stitches: Split stitch, satin stitch, french knots, laid stitch, dot stitch. The design is fresh and appealing and a great way to get familiar with the stitches.

Whitework with colour, is all about using different textures, motifs and patterns to fill a design. These can vary from decorative floral to portraits, insects and wildlife.  The possibilities are endless. It is great fun and very addictive!

Thandiswa – Level All

I have chosen this pattern to make up into a kit as it is a wonderful, vibrant, design which will help you to grasp the techniques of Whitework with colour, especially padded satin stitch. This kit is for All levels but it would help if you were familiar with some of the embroidery stitches. The pattern has been adapted from the original project in my book Whitework with Colour, and includes all the materials needed, including the beads.

The Xhosa are an ethnic tribe in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The elaborate head dress includes beadwork and ornamentation that depicts the different stages of a woman’s life. All Xhosa names have a meaning: Thandiswa means “She is in love”. I hope you will fall in love with this beautiful project!

Majestic Kudu – Level Intermediate

I have chosen this pattern to make up into a kit as he is just gorgeous, and the pattern will help you to easily transition onto more intermediate designs. This kit includes Japanese Cosmo threads which are an absolute treat to use and they have a stunning range of colours that are not included in other brands.

The male Greater kudu is a large antelope found in mixed scrub woodland acacia, and mopane bush in eastern and southern Africa. The male kudu is distinguished by it’s large twisted horns. Kudu horns have spirals, which allow them to spar by interlocking horns. The males then proceed to shove and twist until one opponent is knocked off balance and thrown down. It is not uncommon for kudus to be found with locked horns, even in death.

More Payment Options

I am sure you will be delighted to hear that we now accept Paypal and all leading debit and credit card payments at checkout.

Wishing you all a wonderful week. Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


August 23, 2023 — trishburr
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