Hello everyone.

Hope you are doing well? I know it is a busy time for many of you with the holidays and Christmas approaching, so I am not going to tempt you to start a new project but rather I am going to address something that many of you have written in about and that is challenges with Satin Stitch.

We use satin stitch primarily in Whitework with colour projects which can be found in my book: WHITEWORK WITH COLOUR or in the Whitework pattern collection here.


Possibly the most important part of Satin stitch is the padding. The padding is what raises the satin stitch and provides that beautiful sheen. The padding needs to provide a firm foundation for the satin stitch to rest on, or it will not look good! Ideally the padding should be smooth, firm and raised with no lumps and bumps. How do you achieve this? Actually, I have discovered a very simple method ensuring that this can be achieved and it will make your life so much easier!

Satin Stitch Update

I have created a 4 page PDF of step by step instructions, which can be downloaded here. Please feel free to view it, print it or share it with others, I know it will put a smile on their faces!

The shop will be open until mid December when it will close for the Christmas holidays, so you might want to stock up on embroidery essentials before then. Till next time, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


November 18, 2022 — trishburr
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