Supplies not available in my shop can be purchased from a stockist in your country.  Access Global Stockists here.


Threads are not provided in the pattern packs.  The main threads used in my projects are DMC/Anchor stranded cotton. Some full kits are available which include thread, but due to the numerous shades of thread used in each project, it is more cost effective for you to purchase these in your country of origin.  

DMC Cotton FLoche

Floche is available for the Whitework with colour patterns in white and gray here.

Speciality Thread

Some speciality threads such as Gloriana Silk are used in the Whitework with colour patterns.  These are provided with the pattern pack.

Supergrip Hoop

It is recommended that you use a Susan Bates or similar Super grip hoop as these keep the fabric taut whilst stitching.  Deep wooden quilting hoops are also suitable but slim wooden hoops are not recommended.


You will need a tailors awl to open a hole in your fabric for eyelets in whitework.  

 Magnifying Lamp

You will require a magnifying lamp to see the tiny little stitches.  The lamp needs to have a good, strong light and at least 1.5 - 2 magnification such as the one shown in the photo.  For your convenience I have provided some online links - these are suggestions only any similar brand will be fine.



UK & Europe

UK & Europe



You can find a list of online shops in your country that stock threads, hoops and other embroidery supplies in my DIGITAL STORE.