By downloading or purchasing patterns for your personal use you agree to follow these terms of use:

All embroidery patterns purchased from this site are for your own personal use and may not be distributed, shared or copied in any form.  The designer has worked hard over many hours to produce this pattern and each time a pattern is shared for free with another means a lost sale for the designer.  It is no less unlawful than stealing an item from a shop!


What you can do.

  • You may print out as many copies as you wish for your own personal use.
  • The pattern/book may be given as a gift to another as long as you do not keep a copy for yourself.  
  • You may share a picture of the pattern and link to the original in the shop, on a Blog, Newsletter or social media for the purpose of promoting the pattern on behalf of the designer.
  • You may use the pattern for a workshop, class or stitch along with the prior consent of the author.
  • You may use the free patterns on this site to make items for sale or share with others.

What you cannot do.

  • You may not photocopy that PDF pattern, give it to another and keep a copy for yourself.
  • It is illegal to photocopy projects from a book and share with another.  Each person is required to purchase their own copy of the book.
  • You may not forward the PDF pattern by email or any electronic method to another.
  • You may not share a link to the pattern on a Blog, Newsletter or social media.
  • You may not use the pattern to make items for sale, or convert to machine embroidery patterns for sale.
  • You may not use the images to sell as stock photo/image licensing sites.

Copyright Infringement & Counterfeits

Trish Burr Embroidery is the only authorized seller of patterns and materials.  We do not supply other distributors so if you come across our products listed on another site it is likely to be counterfeit.  Under international copyright law we can take legal action no matter where you are in the world.

No responsibility can be accepted for kits, patterns or materials purchased from another site, market or shop that are inferior replicas or sub standard quality.

The exceptions are:

Inspirations Magazine - sell their own kits from magazine projects stitched by Trish Burr.  These are agreed upon and exclusive to the magazine.

Workshop kits - Kits provided for workshops that are taught on behalf of Trish Burr.  An agreement is made with the teacher for the sale of these kits for the duration of the workshop.