General Embroidery

You can download a free tutorial, or purchase a lesson.  You can buy the book Needle Painting Embroidery:  Fresh Ideas for beginners.

It is optional but recommended that you purchase the handbook.  This tells you everything you need to know about the stitches, preparation and lots of hints and tips.  You can also watch the Video Tutorials.

You are welcome to email me but I may not respond right away due to business or teaching commitments which take me away from the office.  You should find all the help you need on this site, if not feel free to send a message and I will get back to you when I can.

Please Note:  I do not have the time to give help with designing of personal projects or choosing of thread colours for a design.

Skill levels are divided into 3 categories:

1)  Level All - this is suitable for all levels including beginner.

2)  Level Intermediate - this is suitable for those who have some previous experience of the technique (moving on from beginner)

3)  Level Advanced - this is for those who have extensive experience.  It is assumed that you can use the pictures as a guide to where to place the colours and do not need detailed step by step instructions.

I am no longer to offer full kits for sale.  All patterns are available as a PDF download you can find more information in the section on PDF patterns.

There are some pattern packs with printed fabric, instruction book and needles, still available in the shop while stocks lost.

All the info you need is included in the pattern and a file called Embroidery Essentials which you will receive with your pattern.  Your pattern will include a list of the fabric, needles and threads needed for your project.

You can purchase the fabric, needles and an iron on transfer for your pattern in the Shop.  You can purchase threads and hoops at your local needlework/online store - here is a list of some Stockists in your country.

If you prefer to provide your own materials you will find information in the handbook on what you need.

You can find information on each book and where to buy it here:  Published Books.

Yes they are you can find information here:  Books in foreign languages.

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to offer classes on a regular basis but if there is a workshop coming up in your country it will be posted on the Blog well in advance.  You can find information here on Upcoming Workshops or  Subscribe to the Blog to receive regular updates.

The tutorials in this shop, video tutorials, the Handbook and my books will teach you everything you need to know and can be done in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

The patterns that you purchase are for your own, personal use only and cannot be shared, copied, distributed or sold to others in any form.  You are welcome to use the free patterns to make items for sale, please acknowledge Trish Burr Embroidery as the source.

You are welcome to do and you can charge your students whatever you decide as long as it is within reason -  I do not require any payment.  The only stipulations I have are these:

1.  The teacher should be proficient in either Needlepainting or Whitework Embroidery and have enough experience to teach others.

2.  The teacher should purchase a PDF pattern for each student and I will refund 50% of the total cost.  The teacher is responsible for providing a printout of each pattern to the students.

3.  The teacher should purchase the fabric and iron on transfers required for the class from the Shop to ensure consistency of quality.  One iron on transfer can be used up to 5 times so if you have 10 students you will only need 2 transfers.

4.  The teacher acknowledges Trish Burr Embroidery as the source of the pattern.  Lastly I would love it if you shared photos of your class!

Yes, originals are obtainable from time to time, as and  when they become available, but are inclined to sell out quite fast!  The sale of new embroidery pictures will be announced on the Blog and will be available in the Shop section under Originals.

Please note I am unable to take commissions.

Unfortunately, I do not provide wholesale products for retail.  All products are available and sold directly from this shop.

PDF Downloads

When the checkout and payment process is complete you will receive an email with a DOWNLOAD LINK. Click on this link and it will take you to the download page. From here you can open it, save it to your computer or save it to IBooks or Adobe Reader and view it on your tablet/phone. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader - you can download it for free here. 

PDF Reader

You will require a PDF reader like Adobe or Ibooks to view your PDF pattern.  You can download Adobe Reader for free here.

 View On Tablet/Computer

You do not need to print out your pattern you can view it on your computer/ipad/tablet by downloading it to a PDF reader like Adobe.  This will be much easier to view and there is the added advantage of being able to zoom in on the details!  

Save & Print

You can save the PDF file to your PC/Tablet and print it out.

Send To Print Shop

If you do not have a printer, or the print colours do not look the same as the online pattern, you can send the PDF file to your local print shop by email, and they will print out a high res copy for you with accurate colour reproduction.

You do not have to transfer your own outline you can purchase an iron on transfer for your pattern.  If you prefer to transfer your own you will find information in the Handbook.

If you want a printout you can email it to your local print shop and they will print it for you.  You do not need to print it you can view it on your tablet or device, this has the added advantage of being able to zoom in on the details.  See how to view a PDF pattern for more details.

Pattern Access

You can access your file at any time by logging in to your customer account within 30 days of your purchase.  If you lose your file or there are extenuating circumstances we will re-send the link, please email us using the contact form on this site.

Download Limits

You can download your pattern 10 times in a period of 60 days, thereafter it will expire and you will no longer be able to access it.  When you receive your order confirmation it is recommended that you download the PDF and save it to a location on your computer/tablet for future use. This restriction is a necessary measure to prevent fraudulent re-selling of our patterns.

There are download restrictions in place to prevent fraud and illegal re-selling of our patterns on the internet on the black market.

Download Limits

You can download your pattern 10 times in a period of 60 days, thereafter it will expire and you will no longer be able to access it.  When you receive your order confirmation it is recommended that you download the PDF and save it to a location on your computer/tablet for future use. This restriction is a necessary measure to prevent fraudulent re-selling of our patterns.

Please note that Ebooks are digital versions of a printed book - they are not meant to be printed out!

You have 3 file options:  PDF, Epub and Kindle.  Here are some instructions for saving your file to the different formats.   

List of materials

The pattern includes a list of the threads and materials you need for your project.  You will need:

Fabric, Needles, Hoop, Iron on Transfer, Threads

Purchase Materials

You can purchase the fabric, needles and iron on transfers in the Embroidery Shop.  These will be shipped to you separately by Fedex courier.  


We do not provide threads. Some of the Needlepainting patterns use numerous colours so it is more cost effective to purchase your own threads online or at your local embroidery shop, or use those that you have in your stash.  Most patterns use DMC stranded cotton - a list of all the colours you need is provided.

Where to Buy threads online

You can buy the threads, hoops etc in any online store in your country - there is a list of  Stockists in your country.  

With the purchase of your pattern you will receive two additional files:

Embroidery Essentials

This outlines the basic materials and preparation for your embroidery project.

Stitch Guide

This provides basic instruction on the embroidery stitches.  

Recommended Handbook

This is my Handbook which includes detailed information on all the materials, preparation, stitches  and numerous helpful hints for hand embroidery.  It is optional, but recommended to use alongside all my embroidery patterns.  It is available as a printed copy or an Ebook in the shop.

Orders & Shipping

Your order will be shipped within 4 business days.  We use Fedex Courier to deliver to your door and it normally takes about 5 - 8 days to arrive Overseas, sometimes quicker.

The recipient (or someone) will need to be at home to receive delivery if you are not at home or miss the courier please contact Fedex in your country to arrange delivery.

Yes you can track your order right to your door.  You will receive a tracking number with your shipping confirmation.

Some countries (not all) do charge import duties & taxes on goods coming into the country.   The countries that we are aware of that charge duties include UK, Australia, Brazil & some countries in Europe.

These fees are levied by the authorities in the destination country ("Import Fees") and are NOT an additional charge from Fedex or ourselves, we have absolutely no control over it.

The recipient of the shipment is responsible for all Import Fees.  Import fees are calculated by the relevant authorities in your country and are not included in your shipping charges.

Please read our International Shipping Policy so that you are well informed before your order is shipped.

We accept Paypal.  

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