Good morning everyone, today is a happy day! I am thrilled to finally announce that my new book is being launched as we speak and feel I have to get in on the action and share it with you. I am yet to receive a copy as due to Covid they could not ship to me, but there have been two lovely reviews which I was able to watch (and shed a little tear), and in turn will be passing on today. I will of course be doing my own launch with more info, lots of pictures and sneek peeks next week so keep a look out.


Mary Corbet of Needle N thread placed the first review yesterday, you can read the full post here. Mary and I go way back in our respective embroidery careers, but that does not necessarily insure a good review as she “tells it like it is” (ha ha) so thank you Mary for being kind to me and also for noticing that the bee had translucent wings!

source Mary Corbet Needle N Thread

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The second review was placed on Sewing Street TV in UK last night. My family and I watched it on You Tube and his enthusiasm was so infectious I found myself laughing and waving back at him when he waved and said “hello Trish”!

UK Customers can order advanced copies.

The good news for UK customers is that you can order advanced copies of the book, today, direct from Sewing Street, so you will have a copy before it is released on the 19th June- (was thinking of ordering myself a copy!). Here are the details so you can phone in or place an order:

You can watch the video on Youtube here – you will need to fast forward to 12.05 on the red bar to skip to the actual review.

TV review of the Kew Book Of Embroidered Flowers.


I believe the book has already been released in Australia, you can find it on the Search Press site, and several other online booksellers, but if you are anywhere else in the world you can pre-order a copy from Search Press, Amazon or Amazon UK or any online bookseller.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


June 08, 2020 — trishburr
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