Hello everyone

Hope this finds you well? I have a few announcements to make this week:

Blog Updated

We have a new look to the blog – it should be easier to navigate, sign up and post comments. There is a Google translate option and we have installed a Recaptcha security on the contact form to protect you and us from malaware viruses and the numerous spam messages we receive every week. If you are not signed up for the newsletter there is an option to do so on the home and blog pages.

Shop Open

Thank you for your patience whilst we re-stocked the shop it is now open for business!

Elephant Pattern

I am happy to let you know that the long awaited Elephant pattern – The Magnificent Tembo is now available for sale. You can purchase an iron on transfer for this pattern and as an optional extra for a limited time I am offering linen fabric with print.

The magnificent Tembo is a striking portrayal of an elephant in Whitework with colour embroidery, stitched in shades of grey, taupe, mustard and gold. Tembo is the Swahili and Bantu name for elephant. The African elephant is the largest animal walking the Earth. These gentle giants continue to roam across much of Africa, but these magnificent animals remain under severe threat from poaching, habitat loss, and human-wildlife conflict. $1.00 from the proceeds of each pattern will be donated to Save the Elephants organisation.

Please note that due to circumstances outside of my control there will be a slight delay in shipping orders for a while – they will be shipped by Fedex courier in 5 working days instead of 3 days.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


October 19, 2019 — trishburr
Tags: News