Hello everyone

Happy New Year, I hope you had a wonderful festive season? It is 2021, and although the challenges of 2020 have transformed the ways we live, work, socialise, and move around the world, our common love of embroidery remains and sustains us as we adapt to our new normal.

Distance learning classes

In 2020 we successfully adapted to digital patterns and online distance classes. Hundreds of people participated in the mini journal projects which kept us motivated during isolation and provided much needed distraction.

My new book, The Kew Book Of Embroidered Flowers finally made its way onto the shelves after being delayed for several weeks by the closure of ports in Hong Kong. In June, Fedex was able to resume its courier services so I could start shipping again. We experienced a worldwide shortage of embroidery thread and materials as manufacturers went into lockdown but these precious commodities are now starting to trickle back in and should be more readily available in 2021.

Let’s talk shop.

The shop has been given a fresh new look and you will find all the products that were there before. If you are looking for information on anything related to embroidery – materials, preparation, tools, thread substitutes, etc you can find it in the DISCOVER & LEARN section. There are also some videos which show you how to stitch the techniques and a new gallery.

Monochrome kits

Whats new in 2021.

I have some exciting plans for 2021:

  1. I will be commencing work on a new book for publication in 2022. At this stage I can’t divulge much but it is once again in association with Kew Gardens and Search Press. As I need time to work on the stitching and manuscript, you will understand if I go a bit quiet for a while!

2. I have been working on a new series of original paintings for embroidery. The artwork portrays scenes from our beautiful Cape town and surrounds, in South Africa. Some of the pictures may resemble scenes in your own or other parts of the world. They are based on the Naive style of art with vibrant colours that are sure to make you smile!


This is a new approach to Needlepainting designs in that they have a full colour print on the fabric, so you need only fill in aspects of the design. I am still working on the stitching, prints etc and hope to release the first kits by end of January 2021.

3. I will be introducing a collection of prints and notecards, illustrating some of my favorite designs and there is a collection of original artworks for sale, which will be added to as they become available.

Camellia from Kew Book for sale

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, I am here for you. Keep smiling and happy stitching!


January 03, 2021 — trishburr
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