Hello everyone hope you are doing well and managing to keep busy during this period of isolation? I am having to do the cleaning cooking, working and trying to source food, so it is quite a busy time? As you know my mantra is “Embroidery forever, housework whenever” but desperate times call for desperate measures and I find myself having to indulge in more housework and less embroidery then normal – a new experience for me!

Our lockdown in South Africa has just been extended so I have decided to start working on something that I have always wanted to do and that is an Embroidery Journal. The idea is that I can stitch anything I like be it Needle painting or Whitework or perhaps try some new techniques. I can do flowers, birds, landscapes, nature, citiscapes or I may try something new. I can use whatever threads I want or a mix of threads and just basically, be totally self indulgent and have fun with it – such bliss! No instructions just creative stitching.

compliments Elegance Garden.

So how about doing something similar, are you up for the challenge? – It could be embroidery, a mix of embroidery, stitch samplers or any other technique – an embroidery type scrap book, its totally up to you, you are free to choose what you feel like doing at the time. You could use some of the free patterns on my site or browse the internet for ideas.

compliments Elegance Garden

Because it is just for you it does not matter if each design is not perfect, no one will judge it, you can just enjoy the process. There is no time limit it could be stitched over weeks, months or years, or worked on between other projects for a change of scene. The idea is to stitch one page at a time, each with a different design on, and eventually put all these pages together into a cover to create a beautiful record of your work which can be passed down as an heirloom, given as a gift or just kept in a special space for you to take out occasionally, look at and enjoy.

photo by Lariata on Flickr.

The book can be small, medium or large whatever size you want. I have chosen to make quite a small book with miniature/small embroideries and I am including some of my favorite quotes as shown in the sample pages below.

You could design your own – there are many free DIY fabric book sewing patterns online to use as a guide, or you could download a copy of Jenny McWhinney’s gorgeous Monet, Hugo et les Poissons d’Or book from Inspirations studios and adapt it to include your own designs.

Have fun with it and if you feel like sharing ideas you can use the comment form on this Blog post. Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


April 11, 2020 — trishburr
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