Hello everyone

This week we are going to assemble the mini journal, exciting! In case you missed the original posts for the mini journal you can find all the patterns, instructions for assembly and patterns for cutting out the pages and cover here.


By now you should have 12 pages with an embroidered piece on each page – these should have been blocked or pressed and ready for assembly.


Choose any fabrics you like for the front and back cover and for the spine. I have used a mix and match roses, with co-ordinating stripes and spots as shown. Again you will find the pattern pieces and instructions for cutting out the cover pieces here.

Completed book cover


You will need to use your embroidered pieces for the pages – again you can find the pattern pieces in the instructions.

Completed pages – lay one on top of the other.
Fold in half to find the centre line


Make holes using an awl
Back Stitching into the holes through all layers
Stitching through the spine using a thread colour that does not show


Fold over the pages of the book , perhaps give it a last press, it is now complete!


So here is my completed mini journal. My projects may be a little different to yours but that is what makes each one unique? I really love this little journal and will enjoy looking through it from time to time and thinking back on the process.

We started this journal early in 2020 at the start of Covid 19 during the lockdown and it seems quite timely that we have completed it as the year draws to a close? We will look back on our journal creation as bitter sweet. Bitter because it was a challenging year as we found ourselves immersed in a worldwide pandemic with all the related difficulties many have had to face, but sweet in that we were forced to get off the treadmill for a while and turn to our hobbies and crafts to sustain us.

Personally, I feel very humbled by this experience, it has taught me what is important and what is not. It has taught me that we need to be kinder to our environment, to our neighbour and to ourselves, it has taught me to be grateful for what I have and to stop sweating the little things. It has showed me the importance of taking time out of our busy, materialistic way of life to smell the roses occasionally. Hopefully we will emerge from this experience, kinder, more patient and more loving.

I have loved sharing this journal and stitch along with you and hope to continue to inspire and motivate you with new ideas and projects in the future. Thank you as always for your support of my endeavours. Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!


December 06, 2020 — trishburr
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