By: trishburr

April 10, 2017

Hi Sandra lovely to hear from you. Glad that you have managed to source a copy of the book it is difficult in SA but think Loot will be keeping stock in future. I have done 3 owls in whitework one is available as a kit and there are two small owls in the new book. The elephant in the gallery is a doodle, thinking about something similar in the future:) Yes Hazels designs are beautiful. Trish

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December 03, 2019

Hello everyone The end of the year is fast approaching and I have a few things to share with you before we close for the festive season: You are loved Alex Cook is a mural artist who creates murals and experiences to foster safe, healthy communities and as a tool for healing. We are surrounded… Continue reading You are loved

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Black Friday sale

November 27, 2019

Hello everyone The Black Friday sale commences tomorrow morning (Thur 28th) South African time and closes at 6pm on Friday 29th. Have fun! Trish

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Embroidery News

November 21, 2019

Hello everyone Hope all’s good with you – it is that time of the year where everything seems to be happening at once ? I have a few things to share this week: New embroidery pieces. There is a new embroidery piece, Japanese Poppy & Bee for sale in the Embroidery shop and I hope… Continue reading Embroidery News

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