Hi Trish,
I have just ordered your book on whitework and colour. It’s out of stock at Loot but they are ordering it.
Is my mind playing tricks – I’m sure I have seen two different owls in your whitework. A friend has done one and loved it so she would like to order the other.
Also the elephant in your gallery – is that a doodle or is it a design? Would it be on your new digital design? If not, would you object if I downloaded it and did it as a whitework.
I really enjoyed the teacup at Ighali and Louise Grimbeek and I are looking forward to next year’s event. Hope you will be teaching there.
Have you seen Hazel’s new project with the animals? They are magnificent.
Good wishes for a great stitching year.
Sandra Kloppers

April 09, 2017 — Sandra Kloppers